Monday, March 25, 2019


Operation Mouse Removal!
So here's the problem with closing your barn off at night.  Yes in fact it does eliminate the problem of rodents killing your chickens at night.  But....nothing can hunt the mice in the barn either.

Huh...who knew? Wild cats... raccoons and possum do help with keeping the mice population under control.  Close up the barn...and POW...out-of-control-mice-O-RAMA!

The fix of one problem seems to always lead to another problem that you don't see coming.

So...enter...Operation Mice Witness Relocation program.

I've killed many-a-wild-thing in my life...and it's not really fun...regardless the reason.  I needed to come up with a way to catch LOTS of mice all at one time.  One at a time wasn't going to cut it.

There is a five gallon bucket method that is quite successful but I'm not really interested (at least for now) in drowning these little pests.

So I found some metal box type live traps.  Cost me $12 bucks on amazon.  (figures I've since found the same exact thing at wal-mart for $7 bucks.)

Mice running into the woods upon release
I bought 2 of these traps.  Figured...the more the merrier.  I put 2 saltine crackers in each one loaded with peanut butter and place against a wall in the barn.  So far I've probably caught 30 mice over a period of 6 days.  Relocated them to a somewhat nearby woods.  Have at-em hawks and fox and such!!!


The barn definitely feels different with less mice crawling around to leave their diseases lurking for my chickens.

Hip Hip HURRAY less mice around today!!!!

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