Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The mountains are calling...

My oh my!! It had been over a year and a half since Chris and I have taken any time off.  We had heard of Cumberland Falls State Resort Park near Corbin, KY (having stayed at the KOA in Corbin as a half-way stopping point on trips to Tennessee...we were familiar with the area to some extent) and we had also heard of the "moonbow" but had never visited before.

Upon researching what a "moonbow" even was, we learned that Cumberland Falls is one of two places in the world that you can see a "rainbow" in the mist cast off by the waterfall on nights of a full moon....hence...."moonbow."  Now THIS sounded cool enough to visit! So we planned it and off we went.  We recently spent 5 days enjoying this beautiful place!!

This area of central southern Kentucky was absolutely stunning! Colorful fall trees on the surrounding mountains looked like splashes of paint on an ole masters painting.  Just breathtaking!  Then add in these colors reflecting off the waters of the Cumberland River and the house-sized rock boulders here and there...definitely a memory making experience!

It was overcast on the night of the full moon so we didn't get to see the actual "moonbow", but we did see the daylight equivalent which was amazing in-and-of-itself. (see photos below)

I was somewhat surprised to learn that within 2 hours of where we camped in Corbin are KY State Park after KY State Park to means...more visits in our future!

Click here for a link to the Cumberland Falls Resort Park website to see for yourself what amaze-ness this FAB-U-LOUS park has to offer!

We also did some serious walking along the paved trail beside the falls and along the river.  All breathtaking!
Click here for a trail map of the Cumberland Falls Resort Park.

This park is located only about 35 minutes off of I-75 so is an easy stop-over on your way through Kentucky. (exit 25)

Here's more visual proof of its astounding beauty.  enjoy!

 The rainbow cast from the mist of the falls.

The big mist cast by the water of the falls crashing over boulders below.

Below the falls. Such pools!  There is whitewater rafting available that puts in just below this spot.
Yep, on my bucket list!  Gonna do this next time we visit there!

Beautiful overlooks of the falls around every corner!
Great selfie-opportunity! Me, Chris and the falls.

Cumberland Falls, KY

I just love the ripples of river water!

Me, Chris and Reeses-pieces enjoying the sun and beauty along the Cumberland River. Dodi didn't make the photo (our 2nd toy fox terrier)

The smells of this river and the fall leaves, also amazing!

So yes, if you're looking for a new adventure definitely check out Kentucky and it's many State Parks!!