Saturday, April 29, 2017

It's a birthday tradition...

Sort of accidentally started this last year for my birthday...a morning campfire.  Can you think of a BETTER way to start one's birthday??

Here's last years morning campfire.  Taken in Kentucky on our way back from vacation in Tennessee.
Obviously it was a little chilly in April, 2016.

Here's this years morning campfire.  Taken on a mini-vaca in northeast Indiana.
Obviously not nearly as chilly this April.

Yeah for a new birthday tradition!!  The morning campfire! Happy Birthday ME!


mail order chicks!

In an effort to continue providing a "friendly" barnyard atmosphere...I decided to stack the deck in our favor for this upcoming summer.  Based upon the experience of having a black australorp hen a few years back...and that she was super friendly and that she hatched and raised two different groups of babies...that set me on some research.  Come to find out black australops are known to be broody (will sit on their eggs until hatched) and are very friendly birds.  Yes please.  And note here I also had read similar info about buff orpingtons.  So why not get some of both?

Back in March when I was looking into this, none of the local feed suppliers had either of these breeds in stock to sell. (March begins chick selling season).  So after some additional research I found Meyer Hatchery located here in our fair state of Ohio. 

After a few clicks of the mouse and some payment info...I had mail ordered 10 black australorps and 10 buff orpington pullets (female chicks).

A few days later I received a phone call from the local post office that our chicks had arrived and to please come pick them off I went.

Seems as if the shipping of baby chicks has improved over the years.  The quality of the shipping box for one had improved...very sturdy...and for two there was a little heating pack in the bottom of the box to keep these young ones warm...hence...alive until we got them.

Was super fun to walk into the local post office and here our chicks peeping around the corner.  The window clerk commented, "I was just getting used to hearing them cheep."

Reese made sure that no one escaped on the drive home.

The sound of little birds cheeping kept Reese's attention the whole way home.  I had to work at keeping her from standing on the box.

Then of course was the "unveiling"...I thought for sure we might have at least one dead one...but no...everyone survived!

It's certainly obvious who's who in the photo below.

This was all back during the first week of April.

My oh MY how fast they are growing!  And I'm very pleased to say so far...all of them have survived and appear very strong and healthy (which usually one or two die in their youngest extra kudos to Meyer Hatchery for healthy chicks!)

Here's the latest picks. So fun to watch them grow feathers and zip around and stretch their wings.

More chick updates to come...