Thursday, March 28, 2019

Cluttery mess inspired creation!

Like many people....our clothes washer and dryer are in the basement. most basements, not a lot of functional in no useful shelving or user friendly functionality.  So, the norm has been piles of dirty laundry on the floor awaiting a good wash and dry, fold and put-away.

I got tired of the mess and started looking for possible solutions.  And I came across this!!

Pinterest is my general "go-to" for inspirational ideas...and naturally I love to adapt these ideas to solve the various conundrums that surface in my daily life.  (I have also learned that just because it looks cool on Pinterest doesn't mean it actually works as described.)

So I took this idea (note the type of laundry basket in the pic above...too small of baskets for my taste...and viola...wal-mart to the rescue...turns out they now make a taller version of this same basket.  PERFECT!) and ran with it.

I also wanted to build something to somewhat custom fit into the space we had next to our washer and dryer.  (If it wasn't going to fit the space why bother? ya know!)

A visit to Lowe's for some lumber...and an afternoon free to build and POOF!  My solution to no more piles of clothes on the basement floor. YEAH!!

Time will tell whether my idea is utilized as envisioned.  But regardless I'm super stoked as to how this turned out!!!

I get so tired of "working space that doesn't really work" onward and upward to solutions that work!!!  Hurray Pinterest for another fantastic inspirational idea!

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