Thursday, January 23, 2020

Winter hiking...because sometimes you just gotta bundle up and get outside!

I've been perusing through some photos today and came across this one from last year (at least I think this was like last January or something).

Chris and I went for a mini-retreat to Hocking Hills, Ohio, rented a cabin and hiked our buns off.  (we took both dogs with us too, but Reese general is the better hiker of the two.  Willy was enjoying some R&R back at the cabin).  This photo was taken at the Upper Falls in the Old Man's Cave area of Hocking Hills along a rim trail that runs along Old Man's Creek.  There was a ton of ice along many of the overlook trails so we opted to stick to dirt covered forest trails this day.  (We now have spikes for our hiking boots so this won't stop us next time).

If you'll look in the upper right hand corner of this photo you can see our little toy Fox Terrier, Reese, standing and well who knows what she's doing really other than standing, hah!  You can also see Chris' legs in the faint distance in the same upper right hand corner.  I guess they were both patiently waiting while I was screwing around snapping this photo.  I have no idea who the folks are at the waters edge of this photo down below.  Guess we weren't the only ones this day that needed to get outside.

If you've never visited Hocking Hills, Ohio it's a hikers paradise!  But we did discovered that the crowds are nada in the winter months and the cabin rates are MUCHO cheaper.

Peace out.

yearning for warmer, sunny days

Oh for the warmer temps to arrive sooner than later!  Sitting here sipping hot coffee this afternoon looking through some pictures and came across this one of me kayaking on a local reservoir this past fall.

There's a little bit of snow left on the ground from last week's winter storms...although it's beginning to melt of as daily temps are eeking up just above freezing during the day.

Hopefully in just a few short weeks I can be throwing my kayak in some local water and be back at it again.  Until then...just gonna bundle up and head to the woods for a hike I guess.

Peace out.