Sunday, November 10, 2019

Spooktacular Delta, Ohio Halloween Homes awarded!

I came up with this crazy idea last year...and finally got around to acting upon it this Halloween.  Thanks to and a little bit of effort a crazy idea turned into a whole lot of fun!
Here's a copy of what I sent to the local newspaper outlets (even though neither of them opted to publish...which was kind of a bummer...but we still had tons of fun doing this anyway).

Delta, Ohio, October 29, 2019:  If you enjoy Halloween then you probably enjoy driving around looking at your community homes to view the extravagantly lavish displays of ghoulishness and witchery.

Two Fulton County citizens have been doing just that for the past few years, driving around the Village of Delta admiring Halloween home décor.  They decided that the most FAB-BOO-LOUS displays summoned an award! 

This year, Rachel Dickson and Christina Summers of Delta had trophies made to bequeath upon the appropriate winners.  “We thought it would be grand fun to walk up to some strangers door in our community in honor of their creativeness and effort and hand them a trophy for having such lavish Halloween décor displayed,” Rachel said.  “Our communities deserve simple acts of good will. Just because.”

The categories selected were, “Most Creative”, “Most Elaborate” and “Most Creeptastic.” Thursday evening Dickson and Summers drove the streets of Delta deciding which homes would be pronounced winners of the 2019 Halloween Homes Décor contest.

The 2019 winners are:

Most Creative: 202 Adrian, Delta. Thom Gorman and Bonnie Weimer-Gorman

Most Elaborate: 406 Palmwood, Delta. Paul and Ashley Todd

Most Creeptastic: 308 N. Madison, Delta. Allen and Sheila Naiber

“We were glad folks were home when we knocked on the door. It was absolutely fantastic to see the elated reactions of everyone we presented trophies to,” Christina Summers said.  “Congratulations to this year’s winners and we’re excited to see what next year will bring.”

 And if you're wondering...yes, the choices for some of the categories were a bit difficult to choose. There are some SERIOUS Halloween decorators who live in Delta, Ohio.  It was tons of fun to walk up to each winners front door and present their award.  All were very thrilled and excited to be awarded our fun trophies!

SEE, artistic, creative ability comes in all shapes and sizes.  I'll always tip my hat to anyone who chooses to express their creativity in whatever form its presented.  Here here!!

Who knows what next year will bring!!  Halloween Home decorators beware!  You might just be the 2020 award recipients.