Monday, May 24, 2010

way past due...!

Wow, I'm way past due here updating my site with the latest greatest Rachel adventures. and geez, between paddling my kayak on Harrison Bay and hiking at North Chickamauga Creek (NCC) is good!
Today I went to NCC to hike and swim. It was a bit on the hot/humid side today, so what better place to do both! I'm prepping to hike Mt LeConte next month, so I needed what I call a "suck wind" trail. And this one delivers. Long uphill grade with lots of beautiful views and waterfalls and such. It was fab today! (add in that I didn't see any snakes...a good day)
So this photo I took when I was pausing at what's pretty much the top of the climb. Impressed that I wasn't showing any of the exhaustion I was feeling. I could really tell the effects of the humidity today. Felt like I was hiking in slow motion.
I hiked for about 2 hrs and then changed shoes and hit the creek. The water felt soooo good! Rock hopped up the creek for a bit, dunked a few times, sunned a bit and called it a day.
...more to come! happy trails.