Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Black birds on a wire and other such fun!

I'm not really sure why, but I seem to have a fascination with electrical line poles, electrical pole lights and the birds that choose to perch there.
I remember coming home from college for a holiday break and driving down the country road only to notice a black bird hanging upside down (clearly dead) from an electrical line as if it had just keeled over and never let go.
A sad day for that bird of course, but I remember thinking how funny that was...that this bird didn't let go and was now silhouetted against the blue sky. I suppose ever since that day I've payed much closer attention to birds on a wire.
This little painting is titled just that, "Black birds on a wire" and is 7 and a half inches wide by 4 inches tall by 1 inch think and is acrylic paint on oak wood.
I'm having lots of fun painting birds and judging by the response I'm getting...many of you are enjoying these as well! so...onward and upward for the arts!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

HOT out of the studio!!!

I LOVE little birds! And I especially love wrens. Hence the inspiration for this little painting titled "Bewick's Wren on the Fence".
I've decided to paint a bird series, this one being the first. And since nature is very much an inspiration for me to perfect that little birds be the stars of this series!

This little painting measures 4.75 inches by 5.00 inches and is painted on recycled oak leaving the original bark at the top exposed for rustic flair.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Capital Grille is doing a VERY fun thing! and I couldn't help myself...

Here's what it just might look like! I created this piece of artwork in the hopes it might adorn the bottle of a special Cabernet Sauvignon.
Capital Grille (locations in Orlando, FL, and Atlanta, GA to name a few) is currently hosting a artist series wine label competition.
According to their website they are looking for a spectacular wine label to adorn their equally spectacular wine and invite artists to create it. The winning artist will see their masterpiece featured on an exclusive, world-class Cabernet Sauvignon served in every Capital Grille restaurant! The wine inside the bottle is as much a work of art as the label artists will be creating to adorn it. Blended exclusively for The Capital Grille by Heidi von der Mehden of Arrowood Winery in Sonoma, in collaboration with Capital Grille's own Master Sommelier, George Miliote.
So I entered!! My thoughts were...if a hummingbird would approach this KNOW it's gotta be good. I like wine...and have stood in the wine aisle looking at label after label. When I came across this opportunity I just couldn't pass it up and created this painting which if nothing else might make you wanna try the wine!
To learn more about this artist series competition visit The Capital Grille online.
Nothing like a good 'ole competition to inspire a new painting.
Thank you Capital Grille for the opportunity!
Stay tuned...I will post here if my artwork is selected to adorn this special 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon.

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