Friday, February 19, 2016

Simplification at it's finest!

I'm a HUGE fan of the iHouse (shown above, Clayton Homes experiment with modern modular homes)...or I WAS a fan.

Unfortunately, my dream of owning and living in one of these super-cool, simple yet modern homes won't come to fruition because Clayton Homes quit manufacturing them.  Figures.
(I even went to Maryville, TN a few years ago where they made these cool houses to see the display model for myself! So cool!!)

So newest idea on the subject is along the lines of the recent trend of "Tiny Houses"...but in more of a re-purposed sort of way.  The whole idea being that of simplify, Simplify, SIMPLIFY!  Love the idea of living small.  Who needs tons of stuff anyway?

Railroad Shipping Containers
I spend a lot of time these days looking at railroad shipping containers seeing as I work as a conductor for the Norfolk Southern Railroad.  So the concept of living in one or more of these shipping containers is WAY COOL to me! 

Container Homes

Shown above is just one sample of the sweetness of the design possibilities of a shipping container home.

One day...maybe I can make this happen. Downsize into a container less that 200 square feet?  We shall see!!

First things first...gotta convince Chris that this is really a great idea.  I think that so long as there are modern conveniences I stand a chance.  She's already told me a composting toilet was out of the question.  hmmm, well I might can still work in an outdoor shower though. 

Regardless, adventure awaits.  Always!

Monday, February 8, 2016

This makes me smile!

Whenever I get a hankering to go outside and can't for whatever, schedule, whatever other crap limitations....I go browsing around youtube for cool outdoor videos to fill the void.

I came across this one some time ago.
LOVE Lily!!! Super cool dog doing super fun stuff! And goodNESS that mountain bike trail looks FAB-TASTIC too!

You go Lily!

Sidebar here...I'm always looking for cool dog gear for my dogs too and for-the-life-of-me couldn't find the vest that Lily is seen wearing throughout this video until TODAY!
It's made my Ruffwear and is the Web Master version. Cost $59.95 and is actually designed to help you lift your dog over obstacles. Might be just the ticket for our little guy Dodi who loves to swim but hates the bulk of a pfd.

Cheers for now. And ENJOY!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sounds that shouldn't be heard coming from your dryer...

I refuse to buy one of those new, fancy, colorful, front load, computerized washer and dryers. For the very reason of yet another appliance adventure that ensued today. 

If you've ever heard some metal on metal clicking, chirping, screeching or other such sounds coming from your clothes know when something's not quite right with it.

The older model dryers are very simple mechanical inventions with replaceable parts, easy to understand and easy to troubleshoot.  (Which is why I love older appliances! They're fixable when they break.  And yes, they will break.)

The sound I heard today made me fly like a bird to shut it off as it sounded like something was stuck in the exhaust fan. Like something metal was be dragged around inside. (not good).  Having had some experiences in the past with this dryer before...I suspected a hair pin was stuck in something it shouldn't be stuck in.

Yep, sure enough!  Mystery solved...a rats nest of bobby pins were scattered throughout the exhaust fan chamber and venting system.  Ever wonder where all those bobby pins are going?  Ever wonder why you never seem to have enough to pin your hair back when you need them. I have a suggestion.  Check your dryers venting system.  Or better yet, check your pockets before you wash the clothes. 

Needless to say, we have a new rule in our house.  Check your pockets or the dryer is going to be destroyed.  Gotta love appliance adventures.  And the good that came out of all this? Our dryer has a much better flow of air now that things are all cleaned out.

Stay tuned for more adventures. I can feel them on the horizon!