Monday, March 25, 2013

DIY and projecting...repeat.

GoodNESS I've been on such a projecting path of "re-use, re-purpose and re-organize" of late. I make myself laugh some days because I add to my own "honey-do list" WAY more than my honey does.
And thanks to the BEST Christmas gift EVER (kudos to Chris and yes I DID ask for one)...a Dewalt cordless drill...I'm a projecting mo-fo! Amazing to me how having the right tools to complete a task makes life SO much easier!
I absolutely LOVE creating new things...and projecting is kinda-sorta creating depending upon the project. Some of my most favorite things involve decoring in the house such as painting, hanging shelves, hanging artwork, rearranging furniture and the like.
Although sometimes these things may have a price if we don't take the necessary precautions to do things safely and in a common-sense-sorta-manner (pointing finger back at myself).
It's been FOREVER since I've have to visit the E.R. so I guess I was due a trip. Needless to say, cutting plastic shelf-bracket-housing with smith-and-wesson pocket knife and slicing big gouge into left hand, dumb. And yes, much trucker-like-language poured forth from the closet where I was attempting to hang that shelf. A visit to the E.R. and four stitches later...Ouch! Yep, I do dumb things. But as we long as we LEARN from said dumb things...hopefully we won't repeat them. And now, along with the scar on my left hand, shelf is hanging all purposeful and new.
Yet another DIY project I'm very excited about is re-constructing the layout of the inside of our animal barn to house our new flock of laying hens. Chickens yeah! Chris and I had loads of fun wacking away at the previous wood stall fencing with the sledgehammer and now we're working on re-building new stall fencing more functional for small animals.
I'm sure you'll see me writing much more about our chicken adventures here in the near future as these feathered friends do some of the most hilarious things in the barnyard. (Barnyard politics are alive and well too...which I'm SURE there is MUCH to learn from there.)
In the mean time, I'm confident that many of you are jumping into spring and re-organizing and cleaning and freshening up your space in preparation for summer! What DIY projects are you into? I'd love to hear about them.