Monday, February 27, 2012

Earth as Art...inspired

I've known of NASA's "Earth as Art" project for quite some time. Probably some of THE COOLEST images of earth I've ever seen!

Click here to see images of earth from NASA's point of view.

Anyhow, I've been pondering how to put this into art form all this time...and rather than recreate those same images....and after attempting ...with a big ole fail... decided to simply use the colors found in these images as inspiration for abstraction.
Click here to view the paintings.

Gotta LOVE outdoor/earthy inspired original paintings!!!! POOF! I've created three paintings thus far using a color palette of greens, purples, blues, and oranges. Check it out.

Click here to view the paintings.

Onward and Upward for the arts!!

...buds on trees

It's that time of the year when we're jonesin to get outdoors. And in Northwest often looks nicer outside that it really is. But...the trees seem to think that Spring is in the air! Buds everywhere!

In the flat lands, the breezes tend to be brisk (cold). Which I say...YEAH for nylon parkas to cut said brisk wind. So on with the layers of clothes...and out into the bask in the birth of Spring!

Friday, February 10, 2012


Announcing the release of "the red series!"

I'd been wanting to paint in reds...but hmmm, who knew how difficult it would be? Not really sure why...but reds challenged me.

So here's the finished product. Check it out.

Just something about an outdoor fire...

I can't really explain it. But if you have ever hung out by an outdoor fire (campfire, charcoal grill, etc) you'll know what I mean. Cracklin, poppin sound, the smell of the smoke, and of course the heat. All of it is BRILLIANT during the dead of winter.

Which is why when I learned that Oak Openings Metro Park has these pavilions surrounding Mallard Lake where you can have such open flame and you don't even have to bring the wood!

Chris and I recently visited Oak Openings (which is most certainly a favorite of ours to go walkin in the woods. Chris says "walking", I say "hiking") and we enjoyed taking the time to hang out near a warm cozy fire.

Even on a cold, windy day...way fun!