Monday, March 11, 2024

If something ignites you--CHASE it! Rachel Dickson reading from "A Gentle Reminder" by Bianca Sparacino

Too many of us stall and distract ourselves and procrastinate when it comes to following things that inspire us. We find every sort of other thing to do...rather than do the things that make our hearts SING with laughter and JOY.

This excerpt from page 15 of Bianca Sparacino's book titled "A Gentle Reminder" is exactly the awakening we need to follow the things that plead with our hearts.

CLICK on the IMAGE below to PLAY this short video and listen to the words of Bianca Sparacino.



OR click on the link below to play this video.

This is quickly becoming my new passion...reciting inspirational poetry and excerpts from some of my favorite author's books. And yes, I do have a goal in mind here...and that is to begin enhance my skills to narrate books for audio.

Onward and Upward!