Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Coffee mug art?? Good to the last drop!

If you are a coffee drinker, then I am confident you, like I, have a favorite coffee mug or two. I used to have these FABULOUS coffee mugs that featured paintings by Van Gogh and Monet and Matisse. My favorites of these mugs featured "The Starry Night" and "Cafe Terrace at Night" both of which were painted by Van Gogh. Having never forgotten these mugs...I got to thinking, I wonder if I could have my artwork on a mug? Well, thanks to zazzle.com this is now possible!!

Check it out! 

well, that turned out to be pretty cool!

Last Thursday I had the privilege of having my artwork on display and for sale at the downtown Toledo Art Walk hosted by the Toledo Art Commission.

Special thanks to Brenda and George Benson for recommending that I participate!

Ironically, I think I received the most comments about how I went about hanging and displaying my art. (not sure if that's a good thing or not?) But anyway, here's photos of the display.

Foot traffic at these sorts of art affairs is always impossible to predict...so I went into this with a wide-open mind and decided that if nothing else...I'd use the experience to learn and build on the next one. Needless to say, it was very educational and wonderful to be surrounded by other artists once again!

Want to view more of Rachel's art? click here 

No idea what the next art venture might be...but I'll certainly keep everyone posted. Until then...enjoy the art! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Old brick buildings, sidewalks and fine art

619 Monroe Street in downtown Toledo will be the site among many sites for tonight's (Sept, 13, 2012) Art Walk hosted by the Toledo Art Commission.

To view the map of all participating art venues tonight click here.

Come on downtown tonight and stop by what's listed as #11 (Hannon's Block, 619 Monroe Street, Toledo, OH) on the art walk map and say "Hi" to me while viewing the artwork of so many great local artists!!

After having attended some of the art walks of 2012 here in Toledo, I'm very excited to be able to show and sell my work tonight! I'll be featuring some brand-spanking-new art work tonight too!

Special thanks to Chris Summers and Brenda and George Benson for making this a possibility!

See you there!

For more info about Rachel's art visit http://www.RachelDickson.com

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Myths, Rivers and Rocks

YES, Michigan!  ....and oh so fabulous!
I had the privilege of visiting a place this past weekend that I haven't seen in YEARS! The Mackinac Bridge! This bridge separates Lake Huron and Lake Michigan and connects the Lower Peninsula to the Upper Peninsula of the State of Michigan. It's quite a site to see. (In fact, click here to view the Mackinac Bridge Camera view)

Most amazing to me was the clarity of the water. I'd forgotten how clear the rivers and lakes of Michigan are...and Lake Huron most certainly did NOT disappoint. The clarity of the waters of Lake Huron remind me of the painting above because you can see the rocks on the bottom through this clear water.

Anyhow...this little mini-abstract titled "Lethe" was named for the mythological river of the same name.
Primarily painted with hues of blue, black, green, orange and silver acrylic paints it measures only
3.50" x 3.50" x 0.75" (Please note the size of this piece. Hence the name mini.) and is painting on an oak wood block. 

Want to learn more about this mini-painting?
Click here to view or purchase the abstract painting "Lethe".