Monday, September 16, 2013

ahhhhh, it's almost time...for the corn to come down

The corn has grown TALL this year. Clearly this year's corn will bring much larger yields than last year. Which naturally brings a happier mood to the surrounding farming communities of Northwest Ohio.

Northwest Ohio is unique when it comes to seasonal changes. I am referring mainly to the fact that there are thousands and thousands of acres of farmland full of soybeans, corn and wheat. Wheat was harvested some months ago...but we are just weeks away from corn harvesting season.

Combines, tractors with trailers, trucks pulling combine attachments and so forth will slow the local traffic a bit as they move from field to field throughout the process.

But oh the smells!  Cornfields have a distinct smell which changes throughout Spring to Fall. It's a good smell! And corn being harvested? Now there's an awesome, memorable smell that fills the Northwest Ohio air throughout late September and October.  Not to mention the view changes.  When homes are surrounded by a wall of 6 to 7 foot corn and then all the sudden that wall is gone, the view improves.

So happy pre-fall everyone! While we here in Northwest Ohio smile at the upcoming corn harvest.