Saturday, September 23, 2017

Thank you for a fantastic garden harvest!

A very special thank you and shout out to mother nature and nature's oversee-ers for a very successful and rich garden harvest!!

We had two "beef" tomato plants, four zucchini plants, two cucumber plants, various herbs and a cherry tomato plant.

For the first time we can a VERY long time...the tomatoes are SO very tasty this year! The flavors back!!  We have dozens of cucumbers, dozens of zucchini and buckets of tomatoes.

We have given many fresh garden gifts to we weren't alone in experiencing our harvest.

I've even been able to make not one...but TWO...zucchini pies!  Yum!!  (Thanks mom for the recipe!) Zucchini pie is sort of like a quiche ...has chopped zucchini, onion, shredded cheese, oregano, basil, egg and mustard...all sauteed and poured onto a homemade crust. Then baked for 30 minutes.

Next year...I think I'll also try planting some sweet corn.  I also have plans for growing broom corn too.

I'm going to try and save some seeds from these tomatoes and create a do-over of this great variety next year.

Thank you mother nature for sharing your bounty with us!

the passing of a barnyard legend

Such a bummer to report that in July we lost our legendary male turkey...Tommy. (Yes, not the most original name for a tom turkey ...noted).

Tommy was approaching 5 years old...which for a turkey I imagine is a pretty stellar life!  He started to show signs of his aging...he developed a cataract in his left eye which eventually covered that eye completely...and it began to effect his ability to navigate around the barnyard.

July 4th I walked in the barn to feed and water everyone...and found him face down on the floor in the if he just layed down and that was it.  I worried that some predator would take him I'm at least happy that he passed peacefully...and simply from old age.  He was always very healthy and spry...until his final months when his eyesight started to be effected.

We miss seeing him poof and gobble around.  We also miss the wild male turkeys that used to come around and hassle him in the Spring in a effort to gain courtship rights with Tom's female turkey (Sugar Pea...she passed in 2016). in peace Tom.  He's now a member of the pet cemetery...with his own solar light.


We inherited a new rooster some months ago. He joined our flock primarily because he was young...and needed a home.  (He's one of those roosters that got caught up in the city ordinance scenario...sorry can't have chickens here (city limits)...especially he was gifted to us (country life).

I named him after the Lord of the Rings character Legolas...adapted to reference his incredible long Leg-o-Lot!

At first he was shy...and stand-offish.  But it didn't take him long to learn his role of "protector of the realm".

He wasn't competition for the older rooster (Blackbeard) because they were in separate partitioned chicken runs. I did worry that Blackbeard might jump the fence and then pirate pummel Leg-o-Lot...which turns out that did happen...but only they must have worked things out amongst themselves.

Now some months later, Leg-o-Lot jumps the fence and visits the "cougars".  And Blackbeard jumps the fence and visits the "college girls".

Two roosters are plenty to balance our flock of 35 hens. So if you're looking to re-home your'll have to check with another farm. We're full up.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The chicks aren't so little any more

from chick to pullet to...

They've started laying!!!

It always make me smile when young chickens start to lay eggs.  They start out really small...the eggs.  Just a little bit smaller than a golf ball usually...then...over time...the eggs get bigger and bigger.  Sometimes they go through a short double yoke stage too before they settle into "normal sized" egg layers.

It's a fun process.  So long as I can keep the predators at bay...but that's info for a different post.  I'm in the process now of "integrating" the old girls with the youngins in preparation for winter...when they have to be kept all in one barn together (because of the cold temps and snow).

So far so good...they all seem to be adjusting to the reordering of things.

I'll be posting here soon about our new rooster...who you can see in the background of the below image.  More soon...

all grown up