Sunday, July 27, 2014

signage art...but not just any signage.

If you're an NPR radio listener that you likely already know of this ... but I couldn't help but share this story!

So here's the synopsis...

Willie Baronet is an artist...and bought signs from various homeless over a 31-day period of time for an art project called "we are homeless."

Just think of all the ramifications of this project. My thought was .... "HOW COOL!"

According to "the average price he has paid for a sign is $12, but he has paid as little as $4 and as much as $40." I found myself wondering about all individual responses he received when he offered to buy the sign of someone standing on a street corner like this?

Anyhow...yet another cool idea that created all sorts of amazingness.

Want to read more about this? Check out Willie's blog by clicking here

Here's the link to the original story at

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What a difference a roadtrip makes! Excerpt 5 of 10. BBQ

I certainly don't consider myself a bbq connoisseur after all I'm mostly a veggy eater. However, one of the things on Chris' bucket list when we return to Chattanooga is to stop by Shuford's Smoke House for some bbq.

Chattanooga certainly isn't known for it's bbq like the Memphis area, but Shuford's ranks up there pretty high on the "holy smokes" list of bbq joints.

I dare say that it's ambiance somehow adds to it's allure. Just a hole-in-the-wall sorta place, you can zip in, buy a 1/2 pound of smoked pork, beef, chicken or turkey and ribs too of course (for their complete menu click here) and skiddaddle. (take it with you to dine on for a few meals).

Shuford's Smokehouse has such a stellar reputation they were featured on Turner South's "Blue Ribbon Best of the South." (click here to view the Blue Ribbon video) It's a must watch video that'll give you a good look into why this place should be on anyone's bucket list when visiting Chattanooga.

And yet another reason for's on our way to the Cumberland Trail hike off of Suck Creek Road.

So after checking Shuford's off the bucket list, a HUGE billboard along I-24 caught Chris' eye advertising Sugar's Ribs. You can also see Sugar's Ribs from I-24 as it sits high atop Missionary Ridge overlooking Chattanooga. In the spirit of chasing good bbq, we added this to the bucket list and off we went one evening to give it a try.

As SOON as you walk in the door you're hit with that well known bbq aroma! Sugar's Ribs is definitely more of a touristy place (depicted more by the prices on Sugar's menu). Chris ordered pulled pork and I ordered lamb (I'd been wanting to try lamb and since the opportunity presented itself I gave it a try. Can't say I dug the flavor much, but hey...I got to try it)
Our conclusion...Sugar's was worth the view overlooking Chattanooga and the experience of it was cool, but the food offerings weren't anything close to Shuford's. So we'll cross this one off the bucket list and return just to Shuford's the next time.

We'd certainly recommend you visit both Sugar's and Shufords if bbq is your thing. Then you can be the judge.

Here we are enjoying the view from Sugar's patio. Obviously from the looks on our faces we liked the experience.

To check out Sugar's Ribs online click here.

To check out Shuford's Smokehouse online click here.

....and stay tuned for 5 more excerpts highlighting our adventures during our recent visit to Chattanooga.