Thursday, August 23, 2012

#58 Put art in your life!!

I'm a HUGE Tom Peter's fan. In fact, when it comes to business progressive thought...this is the guy I turn to for information. He's a business-info guru! And at the same time, he's not touting rhetoric that we've all heard over and over and over. He understands staying "ahead of the pack" in how one runs they're business, department and even themselves.
So...every now and then, I go to his website to see what the latest greatest mind-blowing thoughts are...low and behold I found a .pdf titled "Tom Peter's 100 Ways to Succeed/Make Money" -item #51-75. So I clicked there and low and behold I smiled when I read #58!!!! Here's a guy who studies all facets of business everyday. Talks to hundreds of fortune 500 CEO's and Execs...travels all over the world speaking to thousands upon thousands weekly...and yet...READ what he rights as NUMBER FIFTY EIGHT!!
Click here to download the .pdf and see for yourself. (scroll down to see #58) I love it when I find business people whom I respect...and they validate my own ideas. LOVE THAT!!!
So I'll go ahead and say it here...if you don't have art in your place of work, where you live, and where you're missing the boat. We ALL need inspiration around us to keep us pushing towards that person we're working to become!! Let it be ART!
happy inspiration! ...oh and check out and be prepared to be inspired!

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Monday, August 20, 2012

JFK and Everyone Knows That?

There are many memorable (some good and some not-so-good) moments that have happened throughout history and one of those being the moment that JFK was assassinated. Ask anyone who was living at that time if they remember where they were when they heard the news of this event and they can tell you exactly where they were! (funny how those moments stick in our memories forever)

Well, I opted to name this painting "Everyone Knows That" as a play on the facts of that day. Who killed JFK and why? Everyone doesn't know fact it's been a topic of debate since that fateful day. Did the shots come from the grassy knoll? Did they come from the Texas school book depository? Did they come from both? And why? What were the motives behind this terrible killing of a U.S. President? Whatever really went down that day, everyone knows that....something is definitely "off" about the whole story.

Titled, "Everyone Knows That," this painting is an original acrylic painting on wood measuring 7.50 inches by 7.75 inches. Primarily painted with hues of purple, navy blue, orange, green and silver acrylic paints this piece would be a fabulous compliment to any art collection!
Click here to view more info and purchase "Everyone Knows That".

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Up a creek without a PBR

Well, I'll just go ahead and cut to the chase here and say my piece wasn't selected as a winner. But sure was FUN to create!!!

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer has been hosting a "Draw Responsibly" contest of sorts since 2007.  I accidentally found out about this art contest and thought to myself, "now THAT would be fun to enter!" is the result of side one and side two of "Up a Creek Without a....PBR".

I've been waiting to paint something cool on this fab little mini-canoe paddle I've been toting around. I love canoeing, kayaking and whitewater somehow having a mini-paddle resonated as no less than awesome to me. What BETTER thing to use as a canvas and to paint a coolio "ode to PBR" on said wooden-paddle?

I submitted this image to but for whatever reason it wasn't (at least as far as I've seen) added to the image gallery on their site? Anyhow, I would have been in the running for a chance to win $1893 in cash, schwag and fame! Regardless the outcome...I've got a really fun piece of original PBR art. And fyi, at present this piece of art isn't for sale. It's just too cool to sell at the moment.

Booyah, Pabst Blue Ribbon.  Thank you for the opportunity!

To learn more about PBR Art visit

Congratulations to artist Loren Hoopiiaina Shaw for winning!!!
visit to view the winning piece of PBR art.

Drink and Draw responsibly.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The wishing tree

I grew up as one of those kids that occasionally sat underneath a big ole tree and imagined grandeur and the granting of three wishes.

This newest painting fresh out of the studio I've titled, "The Wishing Tree", with that in mind. Nature not only inspires us to rest and enjoy what we've been gifted with in life, but also to dream our dreams. To live our dreams.

So to those who hold fast to their dreams...and continue to strive for living those dreams...this painting would be a great addition to your collection!

To view this painting and more click here.