Friday, December 12, 2014

It's a freight train Christmas!

Life has been a whirlwind tour here the last few months!  I've been learning the ropes of a railroad conductor since August and have had to put down my paint brush for a while.
I desperately want to draw and paint some trains as that's mostly what I've been seeing here lately.
This imagine is a perfect example...not sure who the photographer is but this was taken near Wauseon, Ohio recently.
I'm not looking forward to the heavy snows that will soon be on the ground here in Northwest Ohio but I do have the gear to work in it now.  Bought my first pair of flannel-lined pants and wow are they fabulous in the cold temps! And the art of layering is most definitely an art!
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season! Most wish for a white Christmas...I'm wishing for a sunny one. (it's ok if it snows, I can roll with it).  In the mean time, watch for updates here as I have plenty to write about. The chickens are doing well, the turkeys are beautiful (they were happy to learn they won't be on anyone's dinner table anytime soon), our family is doing very well. Lots of stories to pass along.
Stay tuned...and MERRY CHRISTMAS!