Friday, November 20, 2015

pffft. Winter.

I have this very shemagh and about four others...and I'll tell you why in a minute...

Well, here it comes....ready or not. Winter! Ahhhhhhh! Saw that areas near Chicago and heading this way towards Toledo have a Winter weather advisory tonight and tomorrow...what??! But...I IS November...and these things are supposed to happen.

One of my new favorite quotes is by Sir Rannulph Fiennes, "There's no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing."

YES! Exactly!

Applies to wet, hot, cold and anything in between. Since having moved up to Northwest Ohio after having lived in Tennessee for 19 years...and having now survived 3 HELL-AY-tious winters up wardrobe has been BEEFED UP!  Complete with underarmor shirt (which I pretty much live in December thru February), shemagh (live in this too! have one in like 5 colors now. shown in photo above), knit hat, and gloves (of course).

So naturally...I have a little "winter stage fright" and in the spirit of staying warm while experiencing....what I call.....stupid cold (-20 wind chill) ....I respond to mail-order catalogs that can add additional help in the area of keeping warm.
Yesterday I ordered a couple things that I think will accessorize my need for warmth quite nicely....and keeping the snow out of my boots, etc. (Since I work outside a lot)
1. Wool leg warmers (which I ordered mostly for the fact that they will keep the snow out of my boots while at work...but I'm sure they'll double as an excuse not to have to wear bibs...cause let's face it...bibs are warm in "stupid cold"....BUT...they are also bulky and sometimes TOO warm.
2. Wrist warmers. Now this is more of a cool fashion thing for me. I think they just look cool. And...double as wrist can you go wrong. Right?
3. Gaiters.  Yet another proven way to keep snow out of your boots.  I had this happen a number of times last year while trudging through deep snow with "rubber over-boots" covering my leather work boots. The short version of these over-boots don't actually go up above and cover the top of your gets down in between the rubber over-boot and your boot. Gonna try these gaiters and see if this does the trick.
4. I ordered a jeep-cap too. One can never have enough knit hat options! Especially when you sport short hair.
All should be delivered in the next few days. Stay tuned because I will post whether these things are crap or if they actually help.

Sportsmans Guide!

This is where I ordered these things from. Go check it out! They are running a "free shipping" deal right now (Nov 20, 2015) Hurry because I think it's only a one day deal.

Happy prepping for Winter!

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