Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Tom, our turkey probably has no idea how blessed he really is right now...nor does Sugar Pea, our female turkey.  Both are beautiful birds. Sugar Pea came to us from the wild two springs ago...Tom we purchased from a neighboring farmer shortly before.  We dig em both and nope...not gonna be in our oven this Thanksgiving. (Not even sure if Tom would fit in our oven...he's that big!)  So here's to turkeys that make it through Thanksgiving!

Why do we have turkeys to begin with?  Because...their shear size seems to intimidate the local chicken said...they are our private terrorize the terrorizers!  

And on an even happier note....PUMPKIN PIE!!! Tis the season my friends. I figured out some years ago...the best way to insure that you get to eat pumpkin pie for the holiday is to bake one yourself.  So here's this years addition of pumpkin pie season!!  YEAH!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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