Saturday, September 23, 2017

Thank you for a fantastic garden harvest!

A very special thank you and shout out to mother nature and nature's oversee-ers for a very successful and rich garden harvest!!

We had two "beef" tomato plants, four zucchini plants, two cucumber plants, various herbs and a cherry tomato plant.

For the first time we can a VERY long time...the tomatoes are SO very tasty this year! The flavors back!!  We have dozens of cucumbers, dozens of zucchini and buckets of tomatoes.

We have given many fresh garden gifts to we weren't alone in experiencing our harvest.

I've even been able to make not one...but TWO...zucchini pies!  Yum!!  (Thanks mom for the recipe!) Zucchini pie is sort of like a quiche ...has chopped zucchini, onion, shredded cheese, oregano, basil, egg and mustard...all sauteed and poured onto a homemade crust. Then baked for 30 minutes.

Next year...I think I'll also try planting some sweet corn.  I also have plans for growing broom corn too.

I'm going to try and save some seeds from these tomatoes and create a do-over of this great variety next year.

Thank you mother nature for sharing your bounty with us!

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