Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A dear dear friend...gone.

It is with great sorrow that I have to report we lost Dodi in May.  It's taken me this long to be able to write this little Ode to Dode.

Our little white Toy Fox Terrier Theodore, aka Dodi, (who we also affectionately called Odie, Odessa and Theodorable) died of complications from Pancreatitis this past May.  He was 6 years old. 

My oh my what a little pack-o-punch this dog was!  FULL of spunk, spit and vinegar, tenacity, yet loyal as a mother...trucker....He was the companion of companions.  Dodi most certainly filled to the fullest the definition of "man's best friend."

He LOVED to swim...kayak, camp, chase mice in the barn (never successful at catching one those buggars though), challenge Reese (our other Toy Fox Terrier) to foot races...which he always lost...but he never quit trying, pushed Reese off her sniff spots, played toy-tug-o-war (if Reese would let him), greeted me with the "happy dance ritual" every time I got home from work and sit in my chair with me to end the adventures of each day. 

We have many many stories and fond memories of stunts and crazy goofy experiences with Dodi.  Like the time he nearly exploded in Chris' arms because Reese, who was on the ground was being approached and sniffed by another dog.  Dode wasn't gonna have it.  He defended Reese to the hilt when it came to other dogs.  And then there was the time that both Dode and Reese took off across the campground one summer...only to return with the "little mutt-of-the-camp-dog" hot on Reese's tail.  Only to be fiercely chased off (teeth and toe nails flying) by Dodi.  Way to GO Dodi!!  Get him.

Needless to's clear that Reese is still in mourning for the loss of her bud and companion too.  Hopefully in time this will pass. 

They were the greatest of travel buds. My how stellar both Reese and Dodi were at traveling in the car together. And on and on the list goes with the memories and joy that Dodi brought to our household.

Naturally, like any dog...he had his naughty side too. He was a grandma biter (NAUGHTY), and among many other things... he was masterful at finding dog treats left in the car if we went into the store...totally devoured by the time we returned, evidence on the floor board...and masterfully he managed to get Reese blamed for the treasonous act.  Hah.  Made us laugh that one.

Oh how I miss this little white buddy of a dog.  Rest in peace Dode.  Come around for a visit any time you wish.  Thank you for sharing your joy with us.  You made us better people because of it.  Who knew a dog could teach you what unconditional love is.

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