Monday, July 30, 2012

The ebb and flow of nature's music.

There's something very fulfilling about spending time out on the water. This morning I had the opportunity to go out on the Delta Reservoir and paddle around with Reese's Pieces in tow (lil fox terrier). No, she's not really a big fan of sitting on my lap in a kayak...but hopefully after enough trips she will grow more accustomed to being on the water.(And at least this time she didn't nose dive into it doggy paddling to shore as fast as her little paws could carry her)
Needless to say...I've always loved being on, near and around water. And while the Delta Reservoir is no Harrison does offer a beauty all its own...and the peacefulness of hearing the water lap against the side of the boat is the same anywhere. Nature's music...a quiet stillness that causes your mind to take a deep breath and relax.

I used to think that there's not very much water around Northwest Ohio...but as I look...I stand corrected.
More to explore! Yes!

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