Wednesday, July 11, 2012

PBR Art!!

I stumbled across an art opportunity the other day that I just COULDN'T pass up!!!
Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer has been hosting a "Draw Responsibly" contest of sorts since 2007. And geez...I'm just NOW finding this out? Slacker!
Anyway, I visited two days ago and decided...heck-to-the-yeah...I'm so doing this!
And is the result of side one "Up a Creek Without a....PBR".
(side two coming here-to-for)
I've been waiting to paint something cool on this fab little mini-paddle I've been toting around. I love kayaking and whitewater somehow having a mini-paddle resonated as no less than awesome to me. What BETTER thing to use as a canvas and paint a coolio "ode to PBR?"
So wish me luck! I submitted this image to this morning. Puts me in the running for a chance to win $1893 in cash, schwag and fame!
Booyah, Pabst Blue Ribbon.  Thank you for the opportunity!

To learn more about PBR Art visit

Drink and Draw responsibly.

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