Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gold Peak Tea $100K Take the Year Off, yes please!

Okay. This is just COOL!! And yes, I've applied!
Gold Peak Tea is offering a chance to win $100K a case of tea and to take the year off and enjoy life in a home-brewed fashion.
Brilliant! Now...not only do I dig the brand Gold Peak, but this also really made me think about what I'd do with $100K.
I've thought through this before...over and over in fact. Yet not in the manner that Gold Peak requests when you fill out the application. Why am I more deserving than the next applicant? Now there is an interesting question!!
I'm not sure that anyone person is truly more deserving than another...(anyone can spend $100K) but nonetheless, were I to be chosen in the top 10...the next step is to submit a video as to why I should be the one to receive the $100K. hmmmm, this shall be very interesting. And what FUN!!!!
Thank you Gold Peak Tea. I LOVE a drink that makes me think!

There's only 4 days left to apply so hurry!
To learn more go to: https://www.facebook.com/GoldPeakTea

1 comment:

  1. If we could take the year off, our mind is boggled by the kinds of outdoor adventures we could partake in, travelling the world--we share your passion for living and hope you win the Gold Peak prize (if we don't!) Best of luck and thanks for the fun posting!