Wednesday, March 10, 2010

...and then there's the rocks

Well, as many of you know, the winter has been long and gray and snowy and cold...and rainy too for that matter. And everyone I talk with right now is biting-at-the-bit to be when the least little bit of warm temps and the sun pops through...everyone is rushing to get out and enjoy it.

That's what I did last Saturday afternoon. I'd been wanting to hike the section of trail between Indian Rockhouse and Snooper's Overlook in Prentice Cooper Wildlife Management Area (PCWMA). So off I went...and I wasn't disappointed!

This trail runs along a ridge overlooking the Tennessee river to the views are ever-so-stellar! Yet as shown in the photo above...the trail does meander into the woods at times too. I couldn't help myself from snapping that was one of those places on the trail that makes to stop walking and you just stand there...gazing at nature. And of course, here I go again playing around with shadow shots. :-)

Just as the last time I was in the was early evening (around 4p) when I got out onto the trail...and I was amazed by how quiet it was up there. As birds singing. You could hear the wind and a few distance dogs barking in the valley below...but it was eerily quiet beyond that. And like gazing at an original painting or listening to live music it was moving somehow. Like gulping water after being thirsty this little spot in the woods was filling.

And then there were the rocks. It's funny having been away from mountainous areas how I forgot about the rocks. They're beautiful these rocks! So much color and texture and grandeur. (ok now I'm starting to sound a little too I'm going to move on) Anyway, I'm trodding along and look up as the trail turns and it looks for a moment like the trail just disappears. But you can't miss the big white blaze on the tree common sense tells me that the trail goes down through that rock there. Sure enough...and what a cool little ascent that was...down behind what's known as Indian Rockhouse. Very cool!

I hiked for about an hour that once again, the arrival of dusk pushed me out of the woods. But it was well worth every minute! Prentice Cooper is quickly becoming one of my favorite wilderness areas here in the Chattanooga area! (as if you couldn't tell). :-)

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