Tuesday, February 23, 2010

field trip time!


That was exactly what I said when I climbed out of my vehicle today in Knoxville at the Clayton Homes show site on Alcoa Highway and saw it!

I'd been wanting to see one these green modular homes with my own eyes ever since I read about them in the Associated Press over a year ago.

And after viewing the ihouse website over and over, I realized that one of these were on display in Knoxville (the next closest city to see one is North Carolina or Missouri).

So today I hopped in my truck and drove just under 2 hours to see it! Obviously from the photo above it was an overcast day...perfect day for a field trip. And since one of my growing passions is green construction, why not visit the I-house?

Can you say INNOVATION? A modular home with a rain-collection system, rooftop sun deck, solar-panels, tankless water heater, bamboo flooring and on and on the list goes!

I was bummed to learn that neither a holding tank nor any sort of usability comes with the rain-collection system included with the i-house. But to no avail. I already found a solution for that at http://thecistern.com

I was totally stoked to learn how much more customizable the units have become since their inception. But don't be fooled...the layouts and design options found at ihouse online are fabulous in their own right! You can pick your own design and order it right from the site!

The sales person I spoke with today (thank you Justin for answer all my questions so thoroughly!) was very knowledgeable about these homes, their construction, land prep, build time, and so forth.

Another thing that really shocked me was learning that since the initial conception of the ihouse that IKEA has dropped the ball. (those are my words there) IKEA cabinetry was originally slated to be an optional feature in this home...according to Clayton. But since, IKEA has shown no interest in partnering with them? Whaaaaat? I LOVE IKEA...but what on earth are you guys thinking by not wanting to partner with Clayton on this project? Really? Respect points lost in my book. Maybe Clayton was premature in assuming that IKEA would choose to partner with them...but heck, I would have assumed that too. Why not partner with this project? Seems like such a win-win. Modular homes with super cool modern cabinetry and furniture? Sounds like perfection to me! anyway...

...and one of Clayton's manufacturing facilities for this little gem is in East Tennessee! How COOL is THAT?

So after spending about an hour in Knoxville checking out this housing option, I'm sold!

For more info visit: http://claytonihouse.com

also...read more from fellow blogger Lisa Hoffman...she went to see an ihouse model in Colorado. here's what she had to say.

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  1. Now I have an excuse to do a run to Knox'! It is something that i have been interested in for years. While in AZ, me and an architect friend had long discussions on this very concept and how to do it. (We did not have millions)It is a step to provide housing for all, and yet not have it be like what happened in CA and the song "little boxes."