Wednesday, March 10, 2010

...shorts and t-shirt time!

Isn't it funny how Spring flirts with us? Warm 60s - 70s one day, then back to 50s the next. I think it just makes us appreciate things me crazy.

So I couldn't resist grabbing my kayak and paddling on Harrison Bay Monday when it was near 70 degrees outside. Shorts, tshirt, crocks, boat, pfd, waterproof cellphone case, bottle of water, boat and paddle in tow off I went.

As you can see by the's been a while since my eyes have seen full sun. And the water was beautiful!!

It was most fun walking past all the picnickers to get to the water as I put in near the Marina at Harrison Bay State Park. (there's more evidence that everyone has cabin fever BAD...and is dying to get outside...the park was pretty busy with folks fishing from shore, picnickers and families taking advantage of some much needed outdoors time.)

Since I'm still getting used to navigating wake (there were quite a fishing boats up and down the bay and there was even someone water skiing that day) ...I stayed close to shore as I paddled around the peninsula to the other side of the park and back. I'm also still not used to paddling a body of water as big as Harrison Bay in my little boat. But frequency will bring I'll go back as weather permits. :-)

Yeah for watersports! ...and I'm so looking forward to further exploration of this beautiful body of water.

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