Wednesday, March 10, 2010


For those of you who know me...besides the outdoors and original art, I LOVE hearing live jazz and/or big band performances! And since moving to Chattanooga...finding live jazz has been a bit of a challenge (although in all's likely that way everywhere but maybe New Orleans if I were to jazz isn't one of the most adored genres by the masses). So anyway...I was thumbing through fyi weekend "events" paper published by the Times Free Press and there in big bold letters was "JJ's hosts swing, comedy."
(yes, I too thought swing and comedy was an interesting pairing...but hey...whatever).

What really caught my eye in the paper was a big photo showing members of this band "Miss Tess and the Bon Ton Parade" along with their instruments... guitar, sax and upright base. Had me at upright base and sax!

But as I dug for a little more info I found this group's website and listened to audio clips on their myspace page. OH MY Goodness! And they're from Brooklyn! ok...another reason I now was interested in seeing their live performance.

Can I just say...I fully believe Miss Tess's voice can be compared to that of Diana Krall! So here I am now seriously considering going out to JJ Bohemia's downtown where they would be performing on a Tuesday night at 10p. And then...I happened to catch a live radio interview with Miss Tess and her Bon Ton Parade on WUTC fm. Ok, this was no hearing this interview. Now I KNOW I have to go hear this group. And I certainly wasn't disappointed!

LOVE this group! I did get to meet and speak briefly with Miss Tess and Alec the saxophone player too. Good people, talented musicians...and Miss Tess, stellar vocalist.

Here's a little write up I found online about Miss Tess:

"Equipped with her 1920s Weymann guitar, a satchel full of new songs and joined by a stellar band that includes upright bass, saxophone & clarinet, and drums, Miss Tess is ready to make sweet music for your ears with her fifth release Darling, Oh Darling. The Boston-based singer-songwriter is best known for her ability to invoke the sounds of Classic Jazz and Roots Americana circa the 1930s-50s with a distinctive spunk and imagination that shows that she is much more than a tribute act. She springs a new life into some of the best styles of yesteryear with the dozen original compositions on her latest record."

Modern, fresh take on Classic Jazz and 30's Era swing. yep...that's what I'd call it! I mean can you go wrong with upright base, sax, clarinet, guitar and drums and a vocalist with a special talent for this style of song?

I may just have to go hear them play in Nashville at the Lovelace Cafe in September.

Check this group out! ...and if you've ever read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and the chapter about the 10,000 hour rule, then you'll understand me when I say, Miss Tess and the Bon Ton Parade is well on their way to their 10,000 hrs!!

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