Wednesday, January 6, 2010

mountain road drive take two...

Well, you guessed it...had to do it again. The drive I took on a cloudy, sorta overcast, and yet snowy day...had to be relived today. And this time I took photos.

(Thank you Estelle for accompanying me to relive this adventure).

Off we went Hwy 27 to Hwy 111 to Hwy 127 thru Dunlap, TN and eventually leading through Signal Mountain, TN. So the photo on the left is only a sample of the plethora of ice-capades for the eye to behold dripping from the rock walls that lined the road. In contrast with the brown-gray stone and naked trees...the white ice was awesome!
It was a beautiful day today to go for a drive in "them there mountains!" But this day...was sunny...and about 10 degrees warmer.

Who said the mountains weren't gorgeous in the winter time? The silence found inspiring...if you listen...woodpeckers can be heard in the distance...and the wind...the sound of the wind...just awesome!

So...we ended up on one of my favorite roads...that runs right past a place called Suck Creek. It was still daylight...and I wanted to see if we could find a bluff look out over the river and downtown Chattanooga. Pretty close anyway...Prentice Cooper Recreational Area. Hmmm, definitely gonna have to spend more time at this location! Trees, woods, calm, beauty, abounded everywhere!

I drove up over the hill...and the head of the Cumberland trail system stood before us...and then I saw this gorgeous scene at dusk...overlooking Chattanooga...and what we think to be the Smoky Mtns off in the distance. (aren't the pinks amazing? The only version of pink I really care for...what you see in natural settings like this one)
So, yeah for the mountains! And yeah for new friends to experience them with! Thanks Estelle!

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  1. Neat thing about friends is that the view is doubled and enjoyment quadrupled. Estelle LeClaire :)