Thursday, January 7, 2010

creative preparation or crap?

I stopped by Kmart on the way home from work tonight...with thoughts of freezing temps on my mind...and the fact that road (more importantly my driveway) conditions will be something less that ideal in the morning. (It snowed here a bit today, just enough to make ice an issue on the roads as temperatures fall well below freezing tonight). My intent was to purchase rock spread over the snow pack on the asphalt of my that I can safely maneuver the hills in the morning...and get to the road without hitting a tree or some such because of the ice.
Would you believe Kmart doesn't carry rock salt? Hmmm, I'm beginning to wonder if Chattanooga can truly be defined as a mountain town? I could buy rock salt at Wal-mart in Jackson! Why not Kmart in Chattanooga? anyway I decided the next best thing might be Epsom salt.
Yep, never spread Epsom salt outside for the purpose of melting ice before...but hey, it's worth a try right? So when I got home...I'm walking around in the dark (ever so gingerly so I don't slip and fall on my butt) and spreading handfuls of Epsom salt in areas that I hope to be driving over in the morning with no troubles. Not sure if it will do any good...but made me feel like I was trying anyway.
I was chuckling to myself the whole time...I mean really. Epsom salt Rachel? I guess I'll have to report back here tomorrow if this proved to be creative preparation or total crap. Either way, the driveway should be rid of impurities and I bet if I listen real close...I will hear it saying, "Ahhhhh." :-)

Epsom salt works perfectly on ice!


  1. This headline cracks me up! So did it work?

  2. It most likely will work. I've learned recently as well, that it works to cure infection, like the one in my finger!

    It's amazing stuff.

    I wonder if it could be the answer to what the heck might take the wallpaper border off the wall in the kid's room? hmmmmmmmm...

  3. You went to KMART??? I thought your KMART shopping days were over many, many years ago. Remember....."K(ame)-apart"????? Why did you think they would have that when they never have what you're looking for any other time???

  4. Brenda, this is a good question. K(ame)-apart has come a long way...they have changed quite a bit...or maybe it's because less and less people shop there now? Either way, they do in fact have things on their shelves. Not to mention it's the only store of its kind on my route home. :-)