Tuesday, January 12, 2010

bison burger...what?

Yesterday I walked by the North Chatt Cat and something stopped me dead in my tracks. There was a sign on the door that said "now serving bison burger!" NO WAY!
They're not open on Monday's so today I gave 'em a try. Have had a hankering for a good buffalo burger anyway (yes, yes I know...vegetarian falls off the wagon...so what).
What a fab local dive this place is! The North Chatt Cat on Frazier Avenue on the North Shore in Chattanooga!
The conversation of the guys sitting at the bar cracked me up too...ranging from quail hunting on the mountain, to some fella they all suspect is growing weed on some said mountain. Too funny. Anyway, great flavor, great experience! I'll be going back to the North Chatt Cat.
Oh, and my favorite thing...on the wall was a sign that said, "Unattended children will be given an espresso and a free puppy." LOVE IT!

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