Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Podcasting project!

Introducing ...Conversations at the Council Tree Podcast!  This has been an ongoing effort for months in the production phase...and is now being published...one episode at a time.

This podcast is a collection of collaborative conversations where Elaine Bracken and myself create an inviting come-sit-by-the-campfire-chat that you can cozy up to and roast some spiritual marshmallows along side. We discuss personal transformation, leveling-up, dimensional galactic expansion, spiritual awakening, and navigating life here on Earth.

The title “Conversations at the Council Tree” was born from years of conversation between Elaine and I about all things Universal, Life, Love, Human Experience and Existence, Galactic Assistance, the Cosmos, and all the places in between. 

 Click here to listen to the "Latebloomers" episode

Over the years we began referring to these as Conversations at the Council Tree due to my love of trees and nature and a particular tree in the Oconaluftee Visitor’s Center in Cherokee, NC. The energy of the Podcast is the feeling of an invitation to gather under a giant wise old tree, maybe around a campfire, sharing thoughts, ideas, and experiences, and listening to the wisdom of the Tree, the Universe, and the Cosmos.

So let’s be curious, inquire, ask questions, demand answers, explore, listen, feel, breathe, surrender boldly, be willing to sit silently with what is, be brave, speak truth, trust the process, and...may we each embrace...fully...loudly living our own authenticity. 

Elaine and I are both members of the LGBTQ community, I'm a lifelong-card-carrying-lesbian and Elaine's a latebloomer.  This leads to some pretty lively dialogue.

It’s such an honor to create a shared space with the intention for the wisdom that will download and be discussed here on this podcast.  

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