Friday, January 5, 2024

Mountain Forest River views from me to you on Youtube!

I've been a fan of nature videos on YouTube for years! For hours and hours I've watched campfire videos and mountain flowing stream videos and forest videos and on and on.

I've often thought...hmmmm, I wonder how one goes about filming and adding one's own nature videos to YouTube?  Well,  I'm pleased to announce...I now have my own outdoor nature channel and what a fun and exciting project!

So far the outdoor forest, mountain, waterfall videos I've uploaded are all 3 hours long so you can just have them playing in the background while you work or sleep or study or meditate.

Click here to view RDickson Outdoors Youtube Channel.

I invite you to comment.


More soon.

Gotta run...outdoor exploration galore now that I'm a nature videographer!

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