Thursday, May 11, 2023

Memories of times past

I'd been searching for this photo for weeks and weeks now.  And low and behold...I found it.  Tucked away into a file folder deep in the dark of stored file containers was this little beauty of a pic.

That's my sister Brenda on the left, my dad (who passed away Jan. 1 of 2021) and me on the right.  I distinctly remember the day this photo was taken.  Probably one of the earliest memories of my childhood.

It was a chilly day...but something struck a chord with my about not wearing a shirt on this day.  Was like a statement my little self needed to make.  (no idea why at this moment or why it even mattered to me...but it did)  I remember putting on these pair of pants and with no shoes or shirt marching out to the garden where this random photo op was going down.

As you can see I'm proudly standing there like...yep bitches...this is what's happening.  I love this picture! And I love my younger self who on that day didn't care about gender rules (girls have to wear shirts).

Meet young Rache.  Trying to navigate life's rules and regulations in her own way.  Just so happened that THIS day...I didn't get any guff about it.  Those days were yet to come.


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