Tuesday, August 7, 2018

...the best things, like rhubarb, are worth the wait

YES! Phase 1 is finally completed in my "why can't we have our OWN rhubarb patch?" quandary.

I love rhubarb pie and so does my family...so every year I make at least two of these YUMMY pies but I always have had to buy rhubarb from the store or beg, borrow or plead rhubarb from a friend or neighbor who has their own rhubarb patch.

Well, in an attempt to have my very own rhubarb patch, I ordered some rhubarb roots which arrived by mail in the spring.  After much love and nurturing they have now grown into beautiful plants each approximately a foot tall at present. (still very very young in rhubarb plant years, hah.)  I'm told that you aren't supposed to take any cuttings from your plants for two years.  (this is a big bummer...but you know what they say though..."good things come to those that wait").  So, here we are in year one...and I'm going to do everything I can to keep these rhubarb plants happy and healthy and hopefully they'll grow big and strong and bountiful...and maybe they will gift me with their yummy stalks in the near future.

And maybe...just maybe...I'll have so MUCH fresh rhubarb that I'll have to give it away to my friends to make their own rhubarb pies too!

So be watchful...fresh from my own patch, rhubarb pie in 2020!!!

Gosh, that sounds like forever away.

Excited to make pies from my very own rhubarb patch... should like just like this...

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