Thursday, October 12, 2017

New LIFE!! The barn that keeps on giving....

To my shock and surprise the other day...I walked into the barn to do my usual chicken choring...and what did I see??  Momma chicken hen and her FOURTEEN baby chicks before my eyes.

WHAT?  How did I not even know I had a broody chicken?  Never saw a nest of eggs, never noticed little hen sitting for weeks on end. 

Sneaky little buggar must have been laying on her eggs up underneath some shelving where I didn't even notice.

Regardless, young proudly protecting and teaching her youngins what it means to be a chicken.  And doing it well!

So very fun to watch...cute little baby chickens and how mom "talks" to them.  She seems to be a good teacher.  I'll try to get some better photos as time goes on.  The coloring on these little gals (or at least I hope they're mostly gals) is so unique and cute as a bug.  Some our striped and some are solid.  Black Beard is a daddy!!!  Way to go BB!

The timing is a bit to why so late in the season...might be a bit of a challenge to help grow these guys up as we enter into the cold months of the usual...I'm up for the challenge.

Thank you for this gift of life.  The bad news of our pet losses this year was getting to be too much.  I needed some GOOD news for a change!  Welcome to our little farm little ones.  Hope you like it here.

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