Thursday, January 31, 2013

who Who WHO!

It's often the things we haven't seen before, or something that we rarely see that excite us! As if the world has smiled down upon us and hand-picked us to be the one to witness something. Like a deer approaching us in the woods and gets so close we can actually reach out and touch it. Or like a flock of birds that swarm some pattern in the sky but only for a split second.

I've had the pleasure of witnessing the wild in ways that made me feel like I was the only one on earth who had seen such.  (And then of course you want to tell the whole world what you just saw!!)

Owls fall into this category for me. I've only seen or heard a few in my lifetime, and I cherish each and every memory of owl encounters. These birds are amazingly quiet and to actually SEE one with your own eyes is rare.  To HEAR one is the most amazing experience too!

For me, owls carry a sort of mystique in the woods. Probably why they have a reputation as depicted in the entertainment industry as wise, (you know...the wise-old-owl theory) as if they hold some secret knowledge of the world we live in.

Not until I began to research the various species of owls did I learn that there are a LOT more versions of these birds than I ever imagined!  (Painting material for a very long long time!)

For my first owl painting I selected the Eastern Screech Owl primarily for its size and color.
Titled, "Patient in the Woods" this original acrylic on wood painting measures 6 inches by 4.75 inches by 1 inch (just slightly smaller than a dvd case) and is affordably priced at only $37.00.

Click here to learn more about this painting.

And what does an eastern screech owl SOUND like? Well...I'll save that for my next audio blog posting.
Until then...get out in the woods and keep your eyes open! You might just see an owl.

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