Tuesday, January 8, 2013


 It's HERE!!! I've been wanting to start working with audio again in an effort to create more substantial dialogue with art fans...and FINALLY it's HERE!

Click this link to listen to the first addition of audio. (It's less than 2 minutes long)

 As depicted in this first edition of my new audio blog I recently took a jaunt in the woods with my little side-kick Reeses Pieces. We hiked the Horseshoe Lake trail at Oak Openings Metro Park.

If you listen real close to the audio (by following the link above) you can hear my boots crunching in the snow...and if you listen EXTRA close you might even hear sounds of Reese running up and down the trail too.

I was pleased to see that many had walked this trail before me...so much of the snow was packed tight making walking pretty easy (even for Reese).

We found this cute little snowperson someone built and left on display on top of a tree trunk next to the trail. It stood less that ten inches tall. Thank you for whoever shared their snow fun with those of us who followed.

I find that wandering in the woods clears my head and fills my soul as I seek new inspiration to create new works of art. Nature always accomplished this! Never takes...always gives.

On this particular trek in the woods, Reese spent most of her time running ahead and looking back at me as if to say, "come ON! hurry UP!"
She makes for a GREAT trail buddy.

 Here is more evidence of Reese waiting on me. It took a couple tries for me to capture this shadow image of us both on the trail. Reese of course is in the lower right hand corner of the photo looking back at me...so patient.

So here's to my first installment to the audio blog!! and to walking in the woods to rejuvinate and inspire!

Onward and upwards for the arts!!

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