Friday, January 4, 2013

Art do-overs?

High-tech x-ray imaging has proven that some of the old masters simply painted over paintings. (click here for an example

No different than music, some songs take to the public and some don't. Art is no different. Some catch on, some don't. Knowing this, I decided to revivify a few paintings I have in my studio. This one here being the first.

Originally titled "Static Cling" the added red-headed woodpecker fits into this name still, perfectly! I love how these woodpeckers cling to trees with ease as depicted here.

"Static Cling" measures 7.00 inches by 5.50 inches and is painted on recycled wood for a rustic flair. And yes, the bark you see is original to this piece of cherry wood. VERY affordably priced at $37.00, this piece would make a fabulous artistic addition to your collection!

Click here to see more about Rachel's painting "Static Cling"

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