Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bits and bobs from an artists studio (an excerpt from Nov. 15 art enewsletter)

The art of naming art? Yep, I'm talking about painting naming.

I often wonder if anyone notices the name of a painting? Yet name selection for a painting from one artist to the next is sorta like children naming. Everyone has various different reasons for going about picking a name than the next person.

Artists often just skip the naming process altogether and just slap an "Untitled" on it. I can't be bothered with such skipping! NO. (Call it a pet-peeve but all art should have a name...just saying.)

So, you may ask, how do I go about choosing a name for my paintings? I tend to take the approach of waiting until a piece is complete...and letting the piece tell me its name. Sure I take into consideration the content of the painting and often mix in a bit of the intent of the piece too before I reach for a specific title or name.

Art naming for me has always been a very FUN way to finish of work of art. After all, a painting is never truly complete in my book until two things happen. One, it's signed by the artist and two, it has a name.

Shoot me your thoughts on the topic of art naming...I'd love to hear your feedback.

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