Thursday, December 6, 2012

in the spirit of Christmas...winter...and frivolity

It may be difficult to tell from this photo what exactly is going on here. So I'll make it a bit easier and just tell you. Snow kayaking. Yep.

Crazy notion I know...but...I couldn't help myself. Here I was in Tennessee after a rare big snow...and no sled could be found ANYWHERE! (Not sleds in stores, no ice-salt for sidewalks...although I did discover that Epsom salt worked well as a substitute...but I digress.)

So as not to miss a there was a rather larger, steep hill behind my house...I got to thinking. What might I use to enjoy this snow in the spirit of winter?

BING! Kayak of COURSE! So off I went into the garage...pulled my kayak down to the top of the hill...and OFF I went!! The fence at the bottom of the hill really wasn't enjoying the wintery fun as much as I was...and proceeded to try and kabash my fun...but I adapted and managed not to bleed in any way (the smile on my face can attest).

Now living in Ohio...we here are hoping for a white Christmas...which here isn't all that rare. The hills we have for sledding are designed specifically for sledding (so steep they're hard to get to the top) I won't be dragging my kayak to commit sledding suicide...but we are in the market for some big ole tractor tire tubes. Those are the BOMB for sledding here! (and sleds ABOUND in stores because sledding here in Ohio is a movement all its own!)

So here's to whatever weather strikes your fancy in which to enjoy your Christmas holidays! I'm hoping for some snow-ball chucking...and some life-size snow-sculpting among other things.

In the mean time, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
and a VERY Merry Christmas!

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