Tuesday, February 9, 2010

chocked full of cabins!!

So as everyone knows...the weather hasn't been the most conducive for outdoor adventuring here lately. (while it's been snowing seemingly everywhere else...it's been raining here...LOTS of rain). And...the indoor-cabin-fever-blues had me by the throat yesterday. I had a serious case of the "basic blahs." I'd arrived at ... food wasn't tasting good, thirsty all the time (and water really wasn't getting it) and no form of entertainment seemed engaging in any way...so what does one do in these moments?

Ya go to Lowes! hah...and then I followed that up by a visit to Wal-mart (yes, pathetic...but follow me here). My frig was barren...and I had nothing but time to kill...so let's wander the aisles of Lowes and Wal-mart.

One of my favorite cooks planted the idea of making vegetable soup...since I'd mentioned I was craving soup. Really the only thing that sounded tasty to me. So she began to throw out a recipe...veggie soup broth, add onions, carrots and so forth. YUM! ...and off I went to gather the ingredients. (Take into account here that I've never made any kind of homemade soup before...so this was sort of a kitchen challenge for me)

I was really amazed at how easy it was to cook this soup. I used fresh potatoes, frozen carrots, frozen peas and fresh scallions...added Spike seasoning, some garlic salt and YOWSAHS! Yum!
Ironically, cabin fever...gone. GONE. I'm sitting here watching the rain today...and that cabin fever is completely non-existent today! Who knew homemade soup would do the trick?

Veggie Soup chocked full of cabins apparently just what the doctor ordered!!

(and thanks Mom for giving me the heads up that I should post here more often. ;-)


  1. AHHH! You have learned the power of homemade soup. The soup you made looked very good.

  2. Sure looks yummy to me too!

  3. Whoa! Nearly blinded by the light reflecting off all that foil. [Wondering what she uses for furniture covers. lol]


  4. Yeah, the foil is something she learned from home!! Remember that well!!

  5. hey don't be haters 'bout the foil...happens to be the only thing I left as found it when I moved into the place. I thought they did a great job wrapping those things in foil. ;-)