Wednesday, June 2, 2021

staying the midst of the struggle

I would be remiss to say...this image depicts rather well how the last 6-7 months have been unfolding for me.  It goes without saying that 2020 was a year that will go down as probably the most turbulent in my life and very much in many other folks lives as well.  And much of that turbulence has begun to settle...or...maybe it's actually that I've learned to stay calm in the midst of the struggle?

Job changes...relationship changes...address (off-loading of stuff) changes...letting go of things I've clinged to for so long...and on and on that list goes.

I've neglected my love of writing here on this blog somewhat unintentionally...but now after all these months...I've come to realize that just having this blog to express myself is a motivational factor to continue to embrace my passions.

Go...Be...Do....has been a motto of mine for quite some time.  As has "onward & upward".  It seem that the daily details of life pushed that life-mantra into a backroom somewhere.  Time to bring that back out into the light....and Go Be Do again!

I've spent hundreds of hours turning inward......searching....seeking...digging through my "life stuff" all the while feeling like there was a wasp walking around on my head.  I realized that I'd fallen into trap of living in fear...versus living from a place of allowing and not resisting...and trusting that life will bring the greatest of experiences across my path...if I would just keep my eyes up and open and see!

I've been reminded of how important following my passion and what truly inspires me all the while living my truth without fear of criticism or skepticism really is to me.  (For example...the thrill of mountain biking...or the fun of exploring open water in my kayak...hiking on trails I've never been before).

I think it goes without saying here just how much I love being outdoors!  ...and living an lifestyle.  So here's to jumping back into life...and trusting that all will be provided when and as needed...and to paying attention and aware and attuned to what's around me...and following the blazes on my trail!!


I'm back.

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