Tuesday, April 9, 2019

One man's junk is another's killer workout!!

Tractor tire flipping 101!

I was first introduced to the idea while watching a crossfit competition on t.v. one day.  Flipping a tractor tire must be hard because those uber-fit-folks looked worn out after flipping those things across a field in a relay.

I've been looking into adding some umph to my workout and I came across the idea of "junk yard gym" workouts on my very favorite site Pinterest!

So hmmmm, where might I find a tractor tire? After all...I live smack in the middle of farm country.  There's bound to be an old, dead, unwanted tractor tire laying around somewhere?

And then I remembered...I've seen piles of these things along the railroad track just outside of Delta, OH.  Off I went....to ask if I could purchase one said tractor tire.

BEHOLD!!!  Turns out....these piles of tires were behind a truck tire place along Airport Hwy...and they were MORE than happy to donate to my workout cause.  (I guess the proper term amongst tire folks for these old, dead tires are "flippers" or "flip tires" because that's all there good for I suppose).

Cheapest workout equipment ever! FREE. 

Turns out there a many MANY different sizes AND weights of these ole things.  The first one I walked up to and tried to lift...I couldn't even budge it.  The next one about half the size...was the one that road home with me.  (The two tires at the bottom of the photo above are what came home with me.)

Wheweeeee!  I'm in for some strengthening for sure!!

Here we come...fun...hard...strenuous...not for wusses workout!

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