Saturday, March 25, 2017

Realtime backyard birdhouse laboratory

The backyard birdhouse laboratory!
I built five new birdhouses last year with the intent to sell them to anyone seeking coolio birdhouses...but just haven't gotten around to photographing and pricing and all that hubb-a-loo.

So last night I decided instead to put three of those new five out in my own backyard birdhouse laboratory and "test" the new designs.

Birdhouse FAIL 2016
These three houses are yet another do-over from a birdhouse that didn't function (show above... no bird couple claimed it for their nesting purposes last year which I interpretted to mean ...FAIL).  I figured that wild birds probably must not be real keen on having an upstairs and downstairs I opted to split this one into three parts.

Here's what the birdhouse above became....I like these much better. Let's hope the birds do.

New birdhouse #1

New birdhouse #2

New birdhouse #3

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