Friday, March 17, 2017

glad I'm not a weather forecaster...

Hmmm, well...seems as if they've missed the last couple. I'm sure it's not easy calculating a guess as to what the weather may do from day-to-day....but the last couple guesses were big forecasting fails.

First it was that we were gonna get hammered with snow last weekend...when PA and NY got hammered instead and today the guess was freezing rain....with a wintry mix.  Pfffft. Today?  Let's just say SNOW.  About an inch and a half fell in about as much hour and a half.  (which in the big scheme of real snow as in Ohio and a half inches ain't nothing...but still)'s forecasted to warm above freezing throughout the any luck...this will all melt off and we'll be back at our normal driving speeds before we know it.

We all knew that mother nature wasn't through with wintry curve goes the weather.  Glad I haven't taken those concrete blocks out of the back of my truck just yet...

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