Monday, December 19, 2016

Sierra Mist

So, check this out.  I took this photo of a wild turkey bunch this past summer after a rainy afternoon.  They had come fluffing through the back yard. Super fun to watch.  And yes that's a very white hen in the middle of em all.

Look who's come to visit!

I laughed the other day...because each morning...when I walk out into the of the first things I do is look out the kitchen window.  Why? Because you never know what you might see around the bird feeder.

This was a visit from some of the same wild turkey flock!  Imagine how fun it was to see these HUGE birds pecking and scratching about the base of the bird feeder.  It didn't appear that the local winter songbird population was too thrilled by the invasion (I imagine in the land of itty bitty songbirds...wild turkeys are HUGE...and they kept their safe distance watching from the nearby tree branches).

But I mention all this mainly because there's something of note here.  Sierra Mist!!!

Notice in the below photo the grayish hen just to the left of the far right birdhouse post with white wings.  Enter Sierra Mist. Yes, I've deemed her with this name as a sort of spin off from Snow White...combined with the military phonetic alphabet version of Sierra Wiskey...which then has morphed into Sierra Mist.  Seems like a fitting name somehow.

I watched her for a while and noticed that she appeared to be the matriarch of this bunch.  Maybe the "mother" of some of these hens?

Regardless, these guys are super fun to watch. No idea how their feet aren't freezing from marching about in the snow, but doesn't seem to bother them at all.

I went outside shortly after this photo was taken and dumped a bunch more bird seed on the ground around the feeder.  Who knew the feeder could become it's own nature watching "cable channel"?

Until next time....keep your eyes peeled...ya never know what might come visit.

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