Saturday, August 27, 2016

Well...this is a first.

Who knew that there are salamanders in Northwest Ohio? Yeah, me either.  Until just the other day...after some pretty heavy rains, I went outside to refresh the ice supply in our "chicken eggs for sale" cooler.

Since water from the ice collects inside the bottom of the cooler, I dump it out...and have found some pretty interesting things hiding under the cooler when I pick it up to dump it.  Toads and frogs mostly...until this little dude showed up.

The photo above is what was hanging out under the cooler.  A salamander, just chillin. (pun intended)
After some seems to match the description of a "blue-spotted salamander."

According to the blue-spotted salamander is listed as endangered by the Ohio Division of Wildlife. However, according to wikipedia the blue-spotted salamander is listed as "least concern."  Maybe this means that as far as the state of Ohio goes...the blue-spot is endangered but not in other states?'s fun to say...hey, I saw an endangered salamander in my yard the other day!  COOL!

I've seen a lot of pretty cool wildlife in this here region of Ohio...but this one's a first for me.  A blue-spotted salamander.  Who knew?

Well, I'm off to find more adventures...until next time...always more to come!

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