Saturday, August 27, 2016

Drawing elephants...

Not sure why, but I've found myself suddenly interested in elephants.  This may have some to do with my recent discovery of the Elephant Listening Project (click on this link to learn what the ELP is all about).

And then drawing elephants caught my attention.  So while looking for images of elephants to inspire some new drawings...I came across a most fascinating story of an elephant named Motala and the world's first elephant hospital.

I was inspired to make a little sketch of Motala.  Might even one day create a painting or two or a larger drawing (as this ones just a few inches wide).

Click here to watch the Documentary "The Eyes of Thailand"
(62 minute film - "The Eyes of Thailand" is the inspirational and powerful story of one woman’s quest to help two elephant landmine survivors—Motala and Baby Mosha—walk on their own four legs.)

In brief, Motala, an elephant landmine survivor, stepped on a landmine near the Burmese border in 1999.  But thanks to the efforts of Soraida Salwala and her work creating the world's first elephant hospital, Motala now wears a prosthetic and is doing well some 17 years later.

click here to read Motala's story

click here to learn more about the world's first elephant hospital

click here for images and info about Motala from ABCnews

click here to donate to "Friends of the Asian Elephant" and support their efforts 

click here to learn more about Soraida Salwala and why she is helping the elephants

It's stories like these that inspire me to reach for things that have substance/meaning, to engage in our surroundings, to pay attention to those who are making a difference...(even if it may seem trivial to some to help elephants).  These things serve as a reminder that trivial crap like social media, television programming, and countless other time wasters are just that...time wasters.  We all can make a difference if we will just pay attention.

Thank you Soraida Salwala for your passion and caring for injured elephants and to your whole hospital team!

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